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3 steps to faster, more effective innovation:

category analysis

Get actionable, unbiased customer insights

category analysis

Find new opportunities with your team in realtime

category analysis

Create products with a strong match to customer needs


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”It's every Marketing Managers fear not to be close enough to our customers ... this platform provides assurance that one is real time in contact”

Kristine Kragkær Wadsholt
Royal Greenland

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At Royal Greenland we use to better understand the Danish and Swedish seafood customer. We gained insights that revealed new opportunities for our premium products and developed a new proposition. This proposition has tested well above expectations.

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” provides a new type of research that delivers the insights of a qualitative and quantitative research in one.”

Mikkel Andersen
Lantmännen Unibake International

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At Lantmännen Unibake International we used to gain detailed understanding of customers across a number of countries.

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”The new technologies and AI has potential to transform the way organisations develop new products and services by using big data in an innovative way.”

Anders Kofod-Petersen
Alexandra Institute

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At the Alexandra Institute we help realize the potential to change the way innovation happen.

Innovation platform


The Social Research Engine™ provides access to multiple sources of big category data

Insight Automation

Advanced algorithms uncover customer usage patterns and clusters category insights, automatically

3Instant Decision making

The cloud-based innovation platform enables collaboration across internal and external communities, realtime

4Market Impact

The proposition map enables delivery of new productes with a strong match to customer needs

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How it works



Advanced algorithms and frequent pattern mining uncover customer behavioral patterns and category perceptions. No variables are influenced, all data are unbiased and 100% automated.

Cluster analysis

Cluster Analysis

Data is clustered based on category relations to get a precise understanding of customer motivations, usage occasions and product property engagements.

Country & category data

Country & Category data

Countries are identifiend with NLD technology (natural language detection) and geopositioning to ensure local customer insights. Category data is captured with unique category dictonaries and advanced filters.


Pattern recognition

Category analysis are based on a vide set of filters, custom taxonomies and a unique category folksonomy. These enable recognition of patterns of how customers engage with and uses products

Cluster analysis

Visual story

Antropologic insight from different social media e.g. Instagram with more than 700 million people that upload 80 million photos daily. This visual universe show customers perceptions of your product category.

Country & category data

Automated reports use an advanced database management system and tracking structure to enable the semi-automated report creation. The reports form the basis for faster and more effective innovation.


We enable organizations to develop products and services with an outstanding match to customer needs. We offer a SaaS platform that leverages big data to reveal actionable customer insights and empower organizations to collaborate in developing new product- and service propositions. The result is competitive products with a faster and more effective route to market.

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